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Session 1:           Introduction to Precision Dairy Farming

Precision Dairy Farming: Advanced Analysis Solutions for Future Profitability
Jeffrey Bewley

Benchmarking Financial and Production Progress Allows More Effective Decisions
Bill Grexton

Labour Costs on Ontario Dairy Farms and Their Implications for Precision Technologies
Jack Rodenburg and Brian Lang

Using Automated Internet Systems in Milk Quality Monitoring
Mark Kinsel  and Jeffrey Reneau

WASP Wireless Sensing Concept for Next Generation Herd Control
Pieter Hogewerf, Kees Lokhorst, Rudi de Mol and Bert Ipema

DeLaval Herd Navigator®:  Proactive Herd Management
Fernando Mazeris

Huge Potential in Data from AMS from a Breeder’s Perspective
Uffe Lauritsen and Anders Fogh

Economic Benefits of Individual Cow Management
Henk Hogeveen, Chaidate Inchaisri
and Wilma Steeneveld

Reasons for Slow Adoption Rates of Precision Dairy Farming Technologies: Evidence from a Producer Survey
 Jeffrey Bewley and Rebecca Russell

Session 2:           Housing and Management Strategies for Robotic Milking 

Design Criteria for the Ideal Robotic Milking Barn
Jack Rodenburg, Nico Vreeburg, BertJan Westerlaan, Wiebe Veenstra and Jouni Pitkaranta

Planning of Large Scale Farms with Robotic Milking Systems
Jan Harms and Georg Wendl

Automatic Milking in Pastoral Dairy Systems
Jenny Jago and Jennie Burke

Session 3:  Robotic Milking 

Automatic Milking - Common Practice on Dairy Farms
Kees de Koning

Economics of Small Scale Dairy Farms Having Robotic Milking
Anna-Maija Heikkilä, Leena Vanninen and Esa Manninen

Understanding the Lying Behaviour Patterns of Cows Milked in Automated Systems
Trevor DeVries, Kenneth Leslie, Herman Barkema, Jack Rodenburg, Guy Seguin

Comparison of Protocols to Estimate 24 Hour Percent Fat and Protein
Karen Hand, D. Lazenby, F. Miglior, and David Kelton

Methods to Estimate 24-hour Yields for Milk, Fat and Protein in Robotic Milking Herds        
Karen Hand, D. Lazenby, E. Bohlsen, David Kelton, F. Miglior and  K. Lissemore

Robotic Milking of Buffalos: a Preliminary Survey on Milking Capacity of Automatic Milking Systems
Francesco M. Tangorra, A. Pazzona, L. Murgia, P. Moroni, S. Leonardi, M. Caria and V. Bronzo

Session 4:  Dairy Calf Management and Feeding
Evaluation of Calf Growth Fed Milk Replacer in Individual Stalls or in Group Pens with Automatic Feeders
Kathleen Shore
and Andre Roy

Evaluating Calf Health in Group Housing

Shore and Andre Roy

Predicting Sleep and Lying Time of Calves with a Support Vector Machine Classifier Using Accelerometer Data

Matti Pastell, Petro Tamminen, Ann-Helena Hokkanen, Johannes Tiusanen and Laura Hänninen

Benefits, Function and Operation of Computer-Controlled Calf Feeders
arkus Käck and Jan Ziemerink

Brix Refractometers for Assessment of Colostrum Quality
Vivianne Bielmann, Jennifer Gillan, Andy Skidmore, Sandra Godden and Ken Leslie

Effects of Free-Access Feeding and Milk Replacer Acidification on Calf Performance and Development of Digestive Anatomy
Cynthia Todd, T. DeVries, K. Leslie, J. Sargeant, K. Shore, N. Anderson and S. Millman

Session 5:           Reproduction

Heat Detection:  Trends and Opportunities
Jeff Durkin\

Optimal Timing of Insemination Using Activity Collars
Doron Bar

Reproductive Management and Performance Can Be Improved by Use of DeLaval Herd Navigator®
Jens Yde Blom and Carsten Ridder

Precision Management on Two Dutch Dairy Farms by Use of DeLaval Herd Navigator®
Nico Vreeburg

Automated Daily Body Weight Measurements in Dairy Cattle: What Can We Do with Them?
Michael van Straten,  Nahum Y Shpigel, Michael Friger

Session 6: Dairy Cattle Health

Challenges and Opportunities for Technology to Improve Dairy Health Management
Stephen LeBlanc

A New Method of Analyzing Daily Milk Production and Electrical Conductivity to Predict Disease Onset
Jeffrey Reneau, Joanna Lukas, and Richard Wallace

Walking Acceleration Patterns as a Method for Lameness Detection
Matti Pastell, Núria Chapinal, L. Hänninen, L Munksgaard, J. Rushen, and A.M. de Passillé

Automated Methods for the Detection of Lameness and Analgesia
Núria Chapinal, A.M. de Passillé, J. Rushen and S. Wagner

HOBO® Pendant™ G Acceleration Data Loggers: Adding Precision to the Assessment of Cow Comfort in Tie-Stall Operations
Paisley Canning and Neil Anderson

Validation of a New Pedometry System for Behavioural Research and Lameness Detection in Dairy Cattle
Janet Higginson, Suzanne Millman, Ken Leslie, David Kelton

Prevalence and Risk Factors for Skin Lesions on Legs and Neck in Dairy Cattle in Free Stall Housing in Norway
Olav Østerås, Camilla Kielland, Lars Erik Ruud, Knut Bøe, and Adroaldo Zanella

Session 8: Mastitis Control and Milk Quality

Sensors and Milk Quality - The Quest for the Perfect Alert
Henk Hogeveen,
C. Kamphuis, W. Steeneveld and H. Mollenhorst

Improving Automatic Detection of Abnormal Milk
Erwin Mollenhorst,
Claudia Kamphuis, Wilma Steeneveld and Henk Hogeveen

Automatic Detection of Clinical Mastitis in Astronaut A3 Milking Robot
Rik van der Tol and
Xiangyu Song

Quarter Individual Milking in Conventional Milking Parlours
Ulrich Ströbel,
Sandra Rose-Meierhöfer and Hülya Öz

Automatic Milking Systems: A Dutch Study on Risk Factors for Udder Health
Kees DeKoning,
Francesca Neijenhuis and Henk Hogeveen

Field Evaluation of the Patho Proof Mastitis PCR Assay for the Detection of Staphylococcus aureus Infected Cows Using DHI Samples
Charlotte Friendship, David Kelton, Deb van de Water, Durda Slavic and Mikko Koskinen

Behavioural Changes of Dairy Cows During Drying-Off Using Abrupt Cessation of Milking
Kimberley Painter,
Elise Tatone and Ken Leslie

Session 9:           Novel Technologies for In-Barn Application

Novel Technologies: Sensors, Data and Precision DairyFarming
Ephraim Maltz

Use of RFID Ear Tags in Dairy Herd Management in Canada
Blair Murray, Jack Rodenburg, Ian Rumbles and Jeromy TenHag 

A Novel Method of Monitoring Mobility of Dairy Cows
Toby Mottram and Nick Bell

Use of Milk Lactose Concentration as an Indicator of Mastitis Following the Validation of a Novel In-Line Milk Analysis System Designed to Measure Milk Components
 Hayden Karp
and Christina Petersson-Wolfe

The Why and How of Robotic Slat Cleaners
 Harold House

Session 11:        Automation in Feeding and Nutrition

The Use of Precision Dairy Farming in Feeding and Nutrition  
Robert Meijer and Kees Peeters

Precision Animal Nutrition: The Role of Portable NIR on the Farm
John Foley, Alberto Barbi, Eric Eden, Michael Jerred, Anand Giri and James DeMatteo

Health and Production Characteristics for a Dynamic Feeding Model 
Tom Vanholder,
Peter Kool and Patrick van der Tol

Precision Feeding: NIR Online for Improving TMR Consistency
Alberto Barbi
, Andrea Ghiraldi, Manuela Manzoli and Paolo Berzaghi

New Feeding Strategy: Individual Total Mixed Ration Based on Metabolic State
Tom Vanholder  and
Cees Jan Hollander

Automated BCS Scoring System Using Template Matching by Bayesian Sequential Hypothesis
S. Velmurugan, Santanu Chaudhury and Subrat Kar

Rumination Collars: What Can They Tell Us
Doron Bar
and Ran Solomon

Is a Lifetime Rumen Monitoring Bolus Possible?
Toby Mottram

Recent Studies Using a Reticular Bolus System for Monitoring Dairy Cattle Core Body Temperature
Jeffrey Bewley and Michael Schutz

Poster Only Presentations

The Use of Body Temperature to Detect Estrus and Predict Optimal Time of Insemination
 Erwin Mollenhorst,
Gerard Griffioen, Mirjam Nielen and Tine van Werven

Mathematical Modeling of Vacuum Related Variables in Conventional Milking Systems Using Response Surface Methodology
Ulrich Ströbel, Hülya Öz, Sandra Rose-Meierhöfer, Adnan Degirmencioglu, Hamdi Bilgen and Reiner Brunsch                             

A Field Study on Teat-end Vacuum in Different Milking Systems and its Effect on Teat Condition
Angelika Haeussermann
and Eberhard Hartung

Relationship Among Locomotion Score of Dairy Cows and Their Feed Intake and Milk Production and Fertility
Mojmír Vacek, Zuzana Najmanová, Luděk Stádník and Marta Kubešová

Time Series Analysis of Live Weight as Health Indicator
 Rik van der Tol and
Arjen van der Kamp

Clinical Effects and Economic Benefit of an Internal Teat Sealant Administered at Dry-Off
Paul Baillargeon and Stephen LeBlanc      

Support Services to Precision Dairy Farming, Based on Data Sharing Between Collective Cattle Data Bases and Computerized Milking Systems
René Rognant, Christophe Lecomte and Béatrice Balvay

The Change of the Height of the Ration on Trough in a Free-Stall Barn
Shigeru Morita,
Taihei Shimada, Marina Nakaya, Shinji Hoshiba and Seiichi Tani

Overview of the Development of an Advanced Precision Feeding System for the Dairy Industry
Steven Sawell,
G. Folkema, E. Vale, P. Luimes and W. Anderson 

Precision Calf Feeding: History, Components, Potential
Markus Käck

The Kempen Feeding System
William Woodley

Acquisition and Assessment of Teat Cup Cluster Vacuum Records in Milking Time Tests
Odd Rønningen

Money Hidden in the Dairy Farm
Udi Golan  

Producer Panel

Technology: Keep it Simple to Make it Work
Thomas Wynker

Pilgrim Dairy’s Experiences with Robotic Milking and Other Precision Technologies
Poul DeGier

Precision Management on Hemdale Farm
Dale Hemminger and Pete Maslyn

Automatization on Prins Family Farm
A.M. (Bram) Prins




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